#SAReads: We Believe You.


I started this book for #SAAM, but unfortunately didn’t have a chance to finish it during the month, as I was exceptionally busy with traveling to South Dakota, studying for final exams, cleaning and packing and moving out of my house, and graduation.  Looking back now I am glad that I didn’t finish it during the month of April because, since I have been done with school all I’ve wanted to do is read, and I’ve had ample time to do so.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to finish this book, as well as to fully take in the stories that are crafted in it.

Each survivor story told in this book is unique and special, and having the extra time to consume the stories at their fullest really helped me to grasp the emotions of each survivor as they told their stories.

I was deeply inspired by this book, and highly recommend it to EVERYONE.  If you are an educator, parent, mentor, #SAGrad, or #SAPro, I especially recommend it to you.  It is so important that we educate today’s youth on the issues surrounding consent, sexual assault, and relationship violence.  #ItsOnUs to build a more positive, healthy, and safe future and we can do so by creating a culture in which sexual assault is talked about and fully understood, especially for high school and college students.

I will be starting my first semester as a #SAGrad this fall, and as an aspiring #SAPro it is my hope that my students understand the importance of this issue.  I want my campus to take sexual assault seriously and to offer the survivor support, and resources.  Most importantly, I want my campus to believe survivors.

In closing, I’d just like to say that I truly enjoyed this book.  It takes courage and strength to tell your story, stand up for what is right, and to fight institutionalized power.  I’m so proud of all of the survivors in this book and all survivors out there, because you are braver than most people in this world.  I believe you.





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