Hello, Winter; we meet again!

I have wrapped up my first semester of grad school and have been trying to relax and unwind.  I have yet to do much of that…

My trip home lasted 34 hours.  I left Vermillion on Wednesday morning and flew from Sioux City, Iowa to Chicago, Illinois.  There I was scheduled to have a 7.5 hour layover, but due to weather this turned into a cancelled flight and an overnight stay in Chicago.  Being young and reckless-and going against everything I have ever been taught about strangers and trusting people-I made friends with some fellow college students in my gate and decided to split a hotel with them.  We took a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and got a few hours of sleep before heading back to O’hare to board my new flight in the morning.

We arrived back at the airport, made it through security, and boarded our plane.  And there we sat.  For what seemed like forever.  Another delay.  Good thing I have literally nothing to do for the next three weeks.  We finally took off and it was a half hour flight from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I was greeted by my cousin-who was willing to meet me last minute, when I had to change my flight itinerary from Traverse City to Grand Rapids.  At last, I was back in Michigan…but at this point, I was exhausted and just wanted to be home.

I am back in the 231 and I can finally catch up on much needed sleep, relaxation, and forget about responsibilities.

It’s been a while since I shared a wellness update but it is for good reason.  Being trapped in the airport and refusing to pay for wifi, I decided to skip this weeks update.  Last week I didn’t share because I was busy putting the finishing touches on my semester…as well as attempting to figure out what exactly I was going to be doing with my life.  As you all read in my last post, I was worried about my classes this semester.  It was a tough transition to grad school and to South Dakota, but I survived.

I passed the class!  I don’t have to worry about anything anymore.  I can stop stressing and I can focus on being excited for next semester and the opportunities that come with it.  Since getting my final grade, I have felt significantly lighter.  The stress and worry associated with classes this semester definitely took a toll on my wellbeing.  I didn’t realize how much it had an impact on how I felt until now.  Thank God this is over!

Anywho, I hope to continue with my wellness update this week as I will be much less busy.  I also hope to write a few more blog posts while I am home for the holidays.  For now, I am just happy to be on a couch with nothing to do.

Sending positive vibes everyone’s way as they wrap up school years, and gear up for holidays-stress and joy both come with this season so we all need some love!



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