I’ve made a few changes to the blog…

Being the person that I am-a try-er of new things-I don’t like to do the same thing for long periods of time.  I am constantly searching for new things to experience, places to go, people to meet, and ways to avoid redundancy and the mundane in every day.

  • I have a new domain name!
    • While the original intention of this blog was to share my Student Affairs/grad school journey, I have veered off course, changed itinerary, and would like to make this more of a Joel-centered space than focusing on one facet of my life.  That being the case, the domain name no longer felt fitting.
  • I’ve changed a few titles of previous posts.
    • Just subtle and small changes, but changes nonetheless.  I’ve tried to streamline titles and make them simpler, clearer, and more direct.
  • I’ve eliminated the wellbeing wednesday series.
    • I love writing about wellness and clearly it’s important to me.  But, I love the freedom and spontaneity of writing more.  Having a weekly requirement took away the fun in writing for me.  I will still incorporate wellness into my posts but will no longer be posting weekly specifically about wellness.
  • I’ve updated my About Me page.
  • One more big change…to come.

Enjoy!  And, please, feel free to let me know what you think about the new look.



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