Elevate: Verb. To raise or lift something up to a higher position.

Moving from the flat lands of South Dakota to the mountains of Colorado, elevation is something that I have had to adjust to in the past two weeks.

I don’t often share with people that I have Asthma, as it doesn’t inhibit me nearly as bad as it does others, and I don’t often suffer from attacks or struggle breathing during every day activities. My Asthma is mostly sports induced or brought on by change in weather. Unfortunately, being at a higher elevation means that I have had a much harder time breathing and my Asthma is something that I am much more conscious of. I have to make sure that I have my inhaler with me wherever I go, just in case.

It’s weird how something that I have lived with for most of my life is now suddenly a much bigger deal simply because of my surrounding environment. It’s weird how one simple change has altered my way of thinking and the way in which I do my daily tasks.

Another way in which I have had to adjust to elevation is through my job as a Conference Services Intern. Western State Colorado University’s slogan is “Learning, elevated”. These two words drew me in so quickly. I’m not sure why, but the concept of learning elevated intrigues me. Working for the university and representing this brand is something that I am proud to say that I am a part of. It has made me think further about what elevation truly means.



My challenge for the summer is to elevate. I strive to grow as an individual, to grow as a professional, to learn as much as I can and to uplift the people around me.

As an educator and a leader, I have the opportunity to impact thousands of people everyday. I create thousands of experiences in a day without even realizing that I am doing so. In a customer service related field, I have to make sure that the experiences that I am creating are uplifting to those around me. I can elevate my students to their highest potential by giving them the tools that they need to be successful, the resources to make that happen, and the support that they need at any given time. I can elevate my guests by providing great service to them and creating experiences that they remember as positive.

Life is all about the experience and the impact that our surroundings have on us. It is all about environment, community, and elevation. If we strive to uplift rather than to tear down, we will all be stronger, more successful, and happier individuals. This is my dream for the summer. I hope to ensure quality service experiences for my guests, learning and growing opportunities for myself and for my students, and a desire to continue to elevate as I move forward with my life.

Life’s a climb, hike on!




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