An Unquenchable Thirst

I am a proud Michigander. Raised by the Great Lakes, I have seen the beauty and power of the lakes, and it is this beauty and power that attracts me to them so much.

I have always lived along the shore of a lake. It is more than a location to me, it is a lifestyle. I am infatuated with lakes, with bodies of water.

I believe in water’s beauty. I believe in water’s power. I believe I have a deep, spiritual undying connection to water.

I am learning that it’s more than a connection. I think it’s an unquenchable thirst – a yearning to be by the waters edge.


My life mantra is “Make Waves” because I seek to inspire just as the water does. I strive to change things up constantly, be changed by my environment, and to give back to my surroundings and my community the way that water does.

Water is my life source. I need it…we all do. Our bodies are 70% water. How cool is that? You can only go a few days without water. That’s even cooler! Water provides homes, food, and adventure, among so many other things. That’s the best part.

I believe in water. I believe in adventure. I believe in making waves.

I am thirsty for this life source and all that it provides. I seek more adventure everyday. I dream of sitting by the water for hours and just watching the waves crash against the land. I reminisce on all of the great times that I have had cliff jumping into Mother Superior’s mighty waves. I think of the countless summer bonfires on the shores of Lake Michigan. I remember the time I spent collecting shells with my grandmother on Crystal Lake.

Water is my cure. My medicine. My meditation. My religion.


Water allows me to have deep thoughts, meaningful conversations, grand adventures, and soothing meditations.

Colorado is providing me with all of this. It is fueling me with a satisfaction that I never realized I craved. But it is leaving me thirsty for more.

I am ready for big adventures, meaningful relationships, environments and surroundings that ebb and flow, and lots of lakeshore living.


I had a long day at work today so I spent an hour or so sitting on a rock by the river afterward and I couldn’t believe how uplifted I felt. There is  nothing in this life that a few minutes by the water can’t cure.

This is my ode to water.



One thought on “An Unquenchable Thirst

  1. Joel, I’ve been looking for a way to describe how I feel about being pulled to the water and how satisfied I am afterwards yet always wanting more time with it. I thought it was inexplicable but you did an amazing job describing it. Glad to hear your enjoying Colorado!

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