Hey pals!


This is me pretending to be stoic and serious while hiking with my best friend Monica in the Badlands – but in reality, I laughed that entire trip.

In fact, I am often heard laughing.  I like to laugh, smile, and be social – my mother says that I like to hear myself talk which is why I am always making noise.  I don’t know that I wholeheartedly agree, but am not sure that she’s wrong either.

I am often seen wearing an awful combination of mismatched clothing – my faves are flannel shirts, running shorts, and bare feet – and carrying around an ungodly amount of coffee and/or water.

You can usually find me in the woods, along the lake shore, or at the local brewery or coffee shop.

I am a try-er of new things, a lover of children – although I must think that college students are pretty great too since I work in Higher Education – and a free spirit.

I was born in Northern Michigan and raised by the Great Lakes, spent a year in Vermillion, South Dakota, and am a recent transplant to Gunnison, Colorado.

I am a storyteller, a communicator, and a mediocre writer – hence the blog – and it is my hope that I can share the most important stories, moments in time, and facets of my life here with you all – and that you’ll get a kick or a giggle out of some of it, too!



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